Following is info about our Custom Design availability and limits. If you have further questions, please contact our customer support team.

Q: Do you do custom designs?

A: Yes, we certainly do. Custom design depends on the availability of our Art Staff to do the Custom you are requesting and the amount of time / resources involved to make a design come to life. We reserve the right to refuse to do any custom work due to time constraints and ability.

Q: What is the process to order a Custom drop?

A: If you want a design of your own printed, please send design in low resolution for approval BEFORE ordering to customer service at They will then give you info on file size, etc. DO NOT ORDER a Custom from the site without contacting our customer service first. Customs need to be clearly communicated before any ordering is done. A Custom order that is placed through the system incorrectly will not be processed.

Q: What is a Custom drop?

A: A Custom is any design that is not in our online store.

Q: Could you change the color of an existing design in your store?

A: Many times, we can tweak color, yes. Please inquire with customer service.

Q: Can I make my own photo/design/image into a drop?

A: Absolutely. The photo/design/image must be your own. Your photo/design/image must first be emailed in low resolution to customer service for approval. Approved artwork must meet the file size requirements to be printed in large format. Sorry, we will NOT print stock photography/ 3rd party art.

Q: Are there additional costs associated with a Custom drop?

A: Yes. A Custom design will incur a minimum $20 fee. Multiple revisions (back and forth due to unclear design direction) will incur more. We reserve the right to refuse to do any custom work due to time constraints and ability.

Q: May I use a discount code with my Custom drop order?

A: No. Customs are not eligible for coupons or discounts. A Custom order placed with a code will not be processed.

Q: What are file size requirements if I am going to have my own photo/design/image printed?

A: Your finished file must be start at 300 dpi/ppi and 12". Contact customer service for any additional help and information on how to get your file to us.